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Research Design3 - 2/23/2011 ResearchDesignGoals...

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2/23/2011 1 Research Design Goals Test hypotheses by Establishing covariation Establishing time order Eliminating alternative causes Demonstrating results are general in the real world Spurious Relationship Both caused by a single separate variable Z XY Homework Examples c. Availability of birth control for teens increases the number of teens engaging in sex. d. Voters who said health care was the most salient issue were more likely than other voters to have voted for John Kerry in 2004. e. “Show me a southerner, and I’ll show you a political conservative.” f. Single parent households produce children who are dropouts, drug users, or criminals. Research Designs How does classical experimental design eliminate the possibility of observing spurious relationship? How can we do that with non experimenta How can we do that with non experimental designs? Non experimental Designs Small N designs Limited inference Time series
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Research Design3 - 2/23/2011 ResearchDesignGoals...

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