Sampling - Populationsv.Samples Sampling 2.28.2011

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1 Sampling 2.28.2011 Populations v. Samples The entire universe of possible units is called the population . A subset of the population is called the sample . The subset is made up of observations or elements or units. More Jargon… population parameter characteristic of the population that you want to know. estimato or sample statisti estimator statistic measured value of the p.p. wears a hat ^ What we want What we get Population Sample Parameter Estimator Population Sampling Frame Sample Sample Bias Occurs when sampling frame is incomplete or inappropriate. Means that our estimator may not reflect the population parameter: sampling error or bia population parameter: sampling error or bias . Example: President Alf Landon
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2 Types of Samples probability samples : Each element has a known probability of being included in the sample. Allows us to calculate how accurately sample represents
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Sampling - Populationsv.Samples Sampling 2.28.2011

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