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Statistical Inference - ResearchProject StatisticalInference

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1 Statistical Inference 4/11/2011 Research Project Revised intro/theory/lit review/hypotheses Plus Research Design One paper that flows Research Design What type of research design will you be using? What will be your units of analysis? How will you chose your cases? How will you measure your variables? What type of analysis will you do to test your hypotheses? How will you handle control variables? What are the advantages and limitations of your design? Statistical Inference Relies on the probability of getting result by chance. 1. Point and interval estimating What is the probability our sample statistic is representative of the true population parameter? 2. Hypothesis testing Statistically significant difference? Test Criterion How confident do we need to be in order to make an assertion? Decision Rule Mt di d bf th li Must decide before doing the analysis Critical region Hypothesis Testing Type 1 error
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Statistical Inference - ResearchProject StatisticalInference

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