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Week 1 - Strategy The underlying variability among firms...

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Goals Setting Difficult & Specific Goals are valuable contributors to performance Goals assist performance by: 1. Encouraging developing better Strategies; 2. Focusing attention; 3. Increasing persistence; 4. Increasing effort. Goals must be achievable (in the mind of the individual) to be a meaningful motivator. Management Our class definition: Stewardship of resources Manager’s Diamond The Manager’s Diamond is the desired mechanism for framing thoughts about the issues that we discuss in this class. When thinking about the Manager’s Diamond, think in terms of:
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Unformatted text preview: Strategy: The underlying variability among firms that leads to a significant difference in their performance Roles: How is work designed and organized? Are we enabling/allowing people to support the strategy? Rewards: How is performance measured and rewarded? Are we rewarding people to support the strategy? People: Do we have the right people? Are we developing human capital fully? Are our people treated well? Is there shared vision and engagement? Alignment: Vertical and Horizontal...
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