Week 3 - could be “me first”) 4. External Adaptation:...

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Critical Highlights – Culture Week 1. Culture Matters: (A shared set of beliefs, expectations, values, norms and routines) a. Influences styles of interaction to achieve organizational goals i. (e.g., Southwest Airlines culture of low cost & equity across all employees) 2. Functions of Culture a. Integration (internal) b. Adaptation (external) 3. Internal Integration: a. Influences how members interact b. Represents shared perspective c. Helps assimilate new members d. Results in a shared view of the organizational purpose e. Results in a shared view of the job and its purpose f. Provides a common identity (e.g., old people soft example) g. Informs decision making and behavior (e.g., how should SWA employees respond) h. Facilitates cooperation (via shared goals) i. Informs members about values j. Enhances commitment (if the culture is perceived as positive – culture
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Unformatted text preview: could be “me first”) 4. External Adaptation: a. Influences how organizations meet goals and interacts with “outsiders” b. Influences perceptions of the organization by outsiders c. Guides and controls behavior with/of outsiders d. Shapes expectations of outsiders 5. Culture must fit the strategy to be effective – where does culture fit in the “diamond” 6. How does culture create a strategic advantage (Resource Based View) of the firm. 7. Strategy (the mechanisms for supporting/achieving organizational goals – addresses): a. Where will they be active to achieve their goals? b. How will they be different? c. How will they change/grow (acquire, partner, internal growth)? d. How will they time things? e. How will they make sure that it will all add up to value creation?...
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Week 3 - could be “me first”) 4. External Adaptation:...

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