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Week 7 - great followers and developing them to achieve...

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LEADERSHIP : From our conversation, I’ve concluded that leadership is situational, definitely NOT determined by who achieves the “best” outcomes. Further, based on our conversation, it seems that leadership needs to be differentiated from a specific leader – based on the situational components. Also, two very important issues were brought up (1) that it may be necessary to have very good followers to be a good leader and (2) that a successful leader will need to be able to communicate to the followers through a process of influencing others to work toward achieving a common goal. Training While we didn’t spend much time on training & development specifically – we did discuss the idea that one of the key elements of leadership may be identifying or selecting
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Unformatted text preview: great followers and developing them to achieve their highest potential. There are also a few things that you should have picked-up from the readings, including: Definitions : Training: the process of providing employees with specific skills or helping them correct deficiencies in their performance. Development : refers to an effort to provide employees with the abilities the organization will need in the future. Concepts : Before Training Occurs, consider:- Levels of Training Needs Analysis * Organizational Level * Person Level * Task Level Training Objectives must be:- Specific- Action-oriented- Measurable- Appropriate People learn best by doing (worst via lecture)...
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