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Week 10 - • Interests-Issues what you negotiate over when...

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Negotiations Critical Highlights: Distributive Bargaining versus Integrative Negotiations Standards, Relationships, Interests, Leverage Standards - May help parties identify a settlement within the Zone of Agreement - Provide “objective criteria” for evaluating a range of possible agreements - Are not always “objective” Relationships matter for: - Framing - Preparing - Understanding - Future Interests - Issues - Positions - Interests (It is important to be able to identify all three for yourself and your counterpart.) Leverage: Whoever hast the best BATNA probably has most Leverage. - Positive Leverage - Negative Leverage - Normative Leverage
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Unformatted text preview: • Interests-Issues: what you negotiate over when you’re trying to get a deal-Positions: where you stand on the issues-Interests: underlying desires, concern, needs, fears, that you TRULY wish to satisfy. • Pareto optimum-Given a set of alternative allocations and a set of individuals: a movement from one alternative allocation to another that can make at least one individual better off, without making any other individual worse off, is called a Pareto improvement or Pareto optimization .-An allocation is Pareto efficient or Pareto optimal when no further Pareto improvements can be made....
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