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English 1102- Digital Nation response

English 1102- Digital Nation response - Courtois 1 Rhodes...

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Courtois 1 Rhodes Courtois Dr. Ruth McIntyre English 1102-01 4 February, 2011 The Digitalization of Education In the present world that we are living in, technology has become an important element in our everyday life. We could say that it is as important to us as water is for our survival. This might be a little exaggerated, but it is a fact that technology surrounds us everywhere we go. From the way we communicate with others to the way we go from one place to another, technology is everywhere. It might even be considered as an invasion. Not an alien invasion though, just a technological one. The documentary Frontline: Digital Nation talks about the fact that we are becoming digitalized, and it also states how this phenomenon affects all the different categories of person. The education system has also been hit by this digital phenomenon. The digitalization of the schools created a division off what is said about how technology impacts the kids at school. A group of individuals think that this new educational system is good for the students because it helps them improve their scores, while the other group thinks that the arrival of computers in class has mainly increased the distraction of the students. The first time I was introduced to the association of computers and education was in the sixth grade. I was in a Catholic school, and the reason the school decided to come up with computer hours was because the children had too much free time on their hands. It had nothing to do with the fact that they wanted to prepare us for the world of tomorrow, like it is stated in the documentary. After all, we were in Haiti which means from a the technology point of view, we were far behind. So preparing the students for the world of tomorrow was the least of the
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Courtois 2 school concerns. As time went on, the school realized that bringing in technology to the school was not that bad of an idea after all. They congratulated us on how we were behaving better during the recesses and that was something we, as little kids, were really proud of. But, that did not really have anything to do with education, did it? No it did not, but it could mean that
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