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Click to edit Master subtitle style 6/6/11 Rhodes Courtois, Technology in Automobiles English 1102 Learning and process quick takes The Writing Center Really helped me Peer review helped me To interrogate, evaluate, and critically read print and digital resources I know how to compose, research, and present an argument Role of Technology in car accidents Assumptions Technology mostly plays a beneficial role in the prevention of car accidents It may have a dysfunction and cannot prevent the accidents Discoveries Technology causes the accidents The driver also plays a role in the crashes Interesting facts Benefits of the use of technology Electronic stability control reduce single car crashes
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Unformatted text preview: by 33% Disadvantages of the use of technology • Driver distraction by electronic devices is a factor in 25% to 50% of traffic crashes Media Volvo Car test on Interview with Dr. Freescale Technology Forum Interesting quote “I don’t know any manufacturer who thinks we’ll ever get to fully autonomous driving-people will never want it” Markus Armbrust S p r i n g 2 1 1 Further resources • “Ford’s Mykey Designed to Decrease Teen Driver Fatalities.” Professional Safety. American Society of Safety Engineers, Feb. 2010. • Horry, William, Mary Lesch, and David F. Melton. “Distracted Driving.” ProfessionalSafety. American Society of Safety Engineers, Jan. 2010....
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