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Introduction and thesis- English 1102

Introduction and thesis- English 1102 - But wait a minute...

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Rhodes Kevin Courtois Car manufacturers discovered a new way to make automobiles safer by preventing road collisions and in the meantime, save the lives of thousands of people. With the help of technology and engineers, cars can now communicate with each other when they sense a risk of collision, in order to avoid it. The car also alerts the driver if there is less than 75 miles left in the tank, if the seatbelt is not on, and when passing a designated speed limit of 45, 55 or 66 mph so the driver can adjust his speed. So cars have become digitalized just like the majority of the things we use. But, unlike the other technologies that are meant to entertain us, make education more effective or help us stay in touch with friends from all over the world, this technology is created for a humanitarian purpose. Save lives of people.
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Unformatted text preview: But wait a minute. 25% to 50 % of traffic crashes are caused by distraction. Driver distraction is mostly caused by portable devices, such as cell phones and PDAs, is it not? Cell phones and PDAs fall in the category of technology, do they not? So technology is used to fight against the damages caused by other technologies. This amounts to fighting fire with fire, right? Although it has been proven that the use of technology in automobile does help prevent road collisions, I simply want to call the fact that these crashes are mostly caused by the use of technology by the drivers, and instead of spending time and money on creating new technologies that are not 100% effective to prevent car accidents, educating the drivers about the risk of using technology while driving could be more efficient....
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