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Español 1001 Situaciones para el examen oral final (el 27 y el 28 de abril, 2011) With your partner, please prepare the following 3 situations by incorporating (in the form of a conversation) all of the grammar that we’ve covered this semester (Lecciones 1-4). You will choose 1 situation at random and present a dialogue in Spanish during the oral exam. We will have some time in class to prepare, but please try to fit in some time outside of class, as well. ¡Buena suerte! :-) I. It is the 1st day of class in SPAN 1002 and you saw your first assignment on GAView - “Be able to greet your assigned partner in Spanish” . Make sure you first greet him or her by: a. Using “Saludos” taught in Lec. 1 (name, how they’re feeling, where they’re from, maybe their favorite day, food, phone number, email address, etc.) b. Make sure to use 2 forms of Ser (and 2 of Estar) c. Mention classroom materials; # of classes; time of classes, where they are, etc. d. At least 3 -ar verbs; Gustar
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