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Samuel Adams - Nydia Elise Hernandez Mr Piecuch History...

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Nydia Elise Hernandez Mr. Piecuch History 2111 Nov 25 2009 The Father of the American Revolution One of the most influential people in the American Revolution was Samuel Adams. He was never actively involved in any revolutionary attacks but was always guiding the way behind the scenes. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 27, 1722, and at first did not have the makings of a political leader. He struggled in the early stages of his career but managed to become an influential force behind the revolution. Adams was an advocate for independence and colonial rights. Thanks to him “Boston became the most rebellious of American cities.”(Canfield 49). Adams became widely known for his propaganda writing, his ties with the Sons of Liberty, and his attachment and upbringing of many influential men. His ideas and clever plans helped America gain independence and helped make his name as the “Father of the American Revolution” (Samuel Adams). Samuel Adams grew up in a well to do family in Boston and was born to Samuel and Mary Adams. His father was a Deacon, brewer, a justice of the peace and a member of the Caucus club, which was a social and political group in Boston that controlled much of the decisions made in the town meetings (Canfield 3). Samuel was heavily influenced by his father and his surroundings. Whenever he was home Samuel would listen to his father’s political conversations between him and members of the Caucus club (Fradin 10). Not only was Samuel influenced by his father’s discussions but at a young age his father had some trouble with the British government. His father became involved with the Massachusetts Land Bank which became outlawed by parliament. With the closing of the this bank Samuels father lost a good amount of money which in turn made him resentful towards England and the royal officials in
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Hernandez 2 the province. This resentment rubbed off on young Samuel which in turn led to the shaping of the views that helped him become a strong political force in pushing for independence. Before his political career took off Samuel had stakes in other ventures. While at Harvard it was believed that he was to follow in the path of his father and become a part of the church. He soon realized that his real interest was in politics like his father, but before committing to politics Samuel attempted to go into business. He was such a bad business man that his “employer returned him, regretfully, to his father, who gave him a thousand pounds to make his own way.”(Canfield 5). After this Samuel attempted success in the brewery business with his father but, like his previous attempts, failed. Throughout this time Samuel was becoming more and more involved in politics and town meetings. Pretty soon he was elected to the position of
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Samuel Adams - Nydia Elise Hernandez Mr Piecuch History...

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