History 2111 fall 2009

History 2111 fall 2009 - N ydia Elise Hernandez Mr. Piecuch...

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Nydia Elise Hernandez Mr. Piecuch History 2111 25 Aug 2009 Kennedy Readings In the first readings we see two different interpretations of the Indians, or barbarians, of the new world and how the Spanish see them. The first account, from Juan Gines de Sepulveda, talks of how the Indians are barbarians and the Spanish have all the right to control or rule over them. He goes into detail about how much more advanced the Spanish are and how the Indians need the Spanish to teach them. Juan states that the savages are not humane; they don’t “posses any learning at all, they are not literate or in possession of any monument to their history except some obscure paintings” and they eat human flesh. He does give them some credit for having some ingenuity for artwork, for their cities, and for their popular elected officials but then he quickly criticizes them for not having any personal owned property or for not setting themselves free from their ruler. He implies that since they don’t free themselves that means they are meant for servitude and that it is ok for the Spanish to rule over them. The dissenting account comes from a Dominican Friar named Bartolome de Las Casas. Bartolome outright states that Juan has spoken wrongly and viciously about the
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History 2111 fall 2009 - N ydia Elise Hernandez Mr. Piecuch...

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