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EML 4507 FEA & DESGN Fall 2010 Project 2 Due on Monday Dec 6, 2010 The aluminum bracket with a central hole is subjected to uniform uniaxial stress as shown. Use Abaqus software to determine the deformed shape, and calculate the maximum von Mises stress and stress concentration factor. Properties of aluminum are: E = 70 GPa and = 0.33. Dimensions of the bracket: 200×100×5 mm. Diameter of the hole= 40 mm. Remote uniaxial stress = 50 MPa. a) Use triangular elements only. Repeat your calculations with number of nodes N K , 2 K and 4 K , where 4 K is approximately the maximum number of nodes you can use. Plot the von Mises stress contour for each case. Plot the deformed shape. You may like to use a magnification factor so that the deformed shape is distinct from the original model.
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Unformatted text preview: Plot the following graphs: (i) stress concentration factor vs. log N ; (ii) maximum von Mises stress vs. log N ; (iii) u A vs. log N , where u A is the displacement in the loading direction at Point A with respect to the hole center. Compare your stress concentration factors with the theoretical value. What is the factor of safety for the bracket according to von Mises yield criterion? Yield stress of aluminum=280 MPa. b) Repeat ( a ) using quadrilateral elements. Your report should contain: (I) brief description of procedures used; (II) all figures and plots neatly and clearly labeled; (III) Discussion and conclusions; and (IV) References. A x y...
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