stiff2 - k1(1,3)=l*n k1(2,1)=l*m k1(2,2)=m*m k1(2,3)=m*n...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % stiff2.m used with truss3d.m function [k]=stiff2(L,ll,aa) k1=zeros(3) l=ll(1) m=ll(2) n=ll(3) A=aa(1) E=aa(2) k1(1,1)=l*l k1(1,2)=l*m
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Unformatted text preview: k1(1,3)=l*n k1(2,1)=l*m k1(2,2)=m*m k1(2,3)=m*n k1(3,1)=l*n k1(3,2)=m*n k1(3,3)=n*n k=[k1,-k1-k1,k1] k=(A*E/L)*k...
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