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COMP129-Term Paper1 - Monitoring Employee's E-Mail and...

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Monitoring Employee’s E-Mail and Internet Traffic By…. . COMP129 March 22, 2008 Hurd Page 1
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become more and more tech savvy, rules and regulations of Internet usage and e-mail transmission need to become stricter. Companies constantly want to make sure that their employees are being productive and that the money they are paying them is being well spent. In order to do this, a lot of companies have put in to use computer monitoring software. Computer monitoring software allows the owner to track computer usage, such as e-mail, Internet traffic, instant messages, chat rooms visited, and much more. The following table describes the types of activities that are conducted while employees are at work: Activity Percentage Internet Porn 70% of traffic occurs during work hours Constant Web Surfing 37% of employees Online Purchases 60% of purchases are made during work hours Computer Crime 80% is committed from “insiders” Sending Personal Email 86% of employees Online Stock Trading 96% done during work hours Watching Sports 30% of employees Table 1 ( ( Studies have shown that employees are constantly taking advantage of their company’s time and money by spending hours buying things, trading stock, or even watching porn. As the above table shows, companies should monitor employee’s computer usage. A lot of time is spent doing things that should be done on an employee’s personal time, not during work hours. An employer is paying some
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COMP129-Term Paper1 - Monitoring Employee's E-Mail and...

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