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AN ACTORS WORK NOTES (Chapters 7-9) Chapter 7 – Bits and Tasks A play – much like a turkey – cannot be taken in one go. You must cut it down into smaller pieces in order to better understand, interpret and portray. (136) The actor must go by the larger, most important bits through which the creative path passes. E.G: ‘what am I doing?’ ‘Going home’. (139) o Stopping to look in a window in the way home counts as an independent bit. If the bits you have prove monotonous, break it down even further: signs you see, people you meet, what is going on around you. This makes it more interesting. (140) “The play and the role cannot be left fragmented for very long.” Break down scenes, moments for prepatory work. Combine them into a big picture for performances. (140) Character work can be done by using bits – being the character in a certain moment - so when you perform the show, everything will come together. Do not create bits – moments – if they are not in the script… unless you have a terrible author. (142 ) ‘In your roles or your acting exercises go from one large bit to another without losing sight of the final goal. Then even a five-act tragedy which starts at eight and finishes after midnight will seem short to you.” (142) Every bit has an associated task. Neither the ‘bit’ nor the ‘task’ must be extraneously forced, and must come as a result of an organic connection. (143) “a human being wants something, fights for something, wins something every moment of his life.” (143) “Theater consists in staging major human Tasks and the genuine, productive and purposeful actions necessary to fulfill them.” (143) Learn not to play a ‘result’ on stage, but to fulfill a task aptly through action each time you are performing. (144) Tasks must invariably be defined by a verb. Nouns are simply a representation, expressing images. (148-9) Every task should appeal to you, excite you. This makes them dynamic. (151)
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Chapter 8 – Belief and the Sense of Truth In life there is truth, what is, what exists, what people really know. Onstage we call truth
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