What is Tragedy - Synopsis

What is Tragedy - Synopsis - The word tragedy now means a...

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Professor Passaro The Tragic Vision 26 January 2010 Tragedy The definition of the term ‘Tragedy’ as it relates to dramaturgy and literature is one that has changed throughout the history of man. When looking for a classical definition, most refer to Aristotle’s The Poetics ; one of the earliest written works on dramatic theory. Tragedy, Aristotle writes, “is a form of drama exciting the emotions of pity and fear… presenting a reversal of fortune, involving persons renowned and of superior attainments, and it should be written in poetry” (CUNY, Brooklyn). The word also has a very interesting etymology – from the Greek word tragoidia , ‘tragedy’ is a compound of tragos , meaning ‘goat’, and aeidein , ‘to sing’ (WordInfo.com). The definition of the word has continued to change over time, with each new society defining it in it’s own terms.
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Unformatted text preview: The word tragedy now means a work of film, theatre or literature that has an unhappy ending. The idea is essentially the same, because even thousands of year’s later, human beings have not outgrown the basic needs of yesteryear. We still educate ourselves, fall in love, build/buy a house and raise children, just like the ancient Greeks. But unlike the Greeks, our society no longer produces men like Oedipus – as a result tragedy is much less lofty and much more real (for the most part). Films like American History X, The Notebook and plays like August Osage County are good examples of modern tragedies. The key difference between works like these and Oedipus is that the flaws of the main character are much more noticeable, and they needn’t be a hero for it to be a tragedy. Tragedies like this are easy for the masses to relate to....
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What is Tragedy - Synopsis - The word tragedy now means a...

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