Apocalypse now vs full metal jacket: A Comparison

Apocalypse now vs full metal jacket: A Comparison - The...

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The Tragic Vision Professor V. Passaro The Post-Vietnam War Film ‘The Tragic Vision’ – and by extension, its curriculum - has lead me to watch and read a variety of films and novels set in the 1960’s and 70’s. These years were undeniably a time riddled with paranoia, illicit drug use and general social unrest in much of the world – especially the United States. Given this fact, it makes complete sense that the literature of the period is riddled with these same problems. So many things occurred in such a small time period: from Rock n’ Roll to the Civil Rights movement, the Bay of Pigs invasion to the war in Vietnam. These two decades unquestionably shook the world in terms of both politics and culture. Out of all these events, Vietnam has had the greatest effect on the mood of the American public towards the government. As such, it has been the subject of a great many films – some of which have gone on to reshape the face of American cinema. Before Vietnam, War Films often took on a pro-military/pro-war tone, portraying American/Allied soldiers as warriors worthy of distinction – saving the world one bullet at a time. This changed very quickly after the war ended – screenplay writers, film producers and directors began taking a more critical approach to war; prying open the ugly beast and analyzing it in order to find the truth inside it. Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979) and Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket (1987) are two really excellent examples of the post-Vietnam War Film. While the two films were nearly a decade apart, they both questioned the validity of the war by
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Apocalypse now vs full metal jacket: A Comparison - The...

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