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Sociology 101 Professor Karmen “Questions Surround a Delay in Help for a Dying Man” 1) Publication: The New York Times Date Published: April 26 th , 2010 Page Number: A20 2) What were the main themes? According to police reports, a homeless man lay either dead or dying on a side-street in Queens, N.Y. for at least an hour. Surveillance tapes of the scene reveal that several people noticed the man and did nothing; “one man bent down to the sidewalk to shake the man, lifting him to reveal a pool of blood before walking away …two men appear to have a conversation about the situation, one pausing to take a photo of the body before departing.” The rest who saw him stopped for a second, surveyed the situation and then walked away. The question is, why did no one do anything to help him? The author of the article speculates that perhaps passers-by thought he was drunk. Another potential explanation might be that since the area is well-known for it’s large population of Central American Immigrants (which this man was), several of the people
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