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Sociology 101 Professor Karmen “After Long Decline, Teenage Pregnancy Rate Rises” 1) Publication : The New York Times. Date Published : January 26 th , 2010 Page Number : A14 2) What were the main themes? After decades of declining pregnancy rates, there has been a slight up-tick in the number of preventable teen pregnancies – up 3% between 2005 and 2006. This is alarming to unplanned pregnancy groups and sociologists alike, because it suggests that current tactics deployed in order to prevent these pregnancies (education about contraception, STDS) are less effective than in the past. One of the social workers cited in the article claims that it might have something to do with what she called our “anything goes culture” – where some now consider it okay to have a baby in your teens. This pregnancy rate statistic includes not only births, it also constitutes abortions and miscarriages. It’s not entirely clear why there has been this sudden spike, but many speculate that it
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Unformatted text preview: might have something to do with the 150 million dollars of federal funding that is put towards abstinence-only sex education every year. (Studies indicate that abstinence-only educations are typically ineffective). 3) In what ways does this article address issues that were studied in this course? This article can be connected to a few key concepts from class. Social stratification, Deviance and Race. Depending on a woman’s ethnic/economic/socio-economic background, she may be more or less likely to have been afforded a quality sexual education. In poor neighborhoods where the schools lack funding, the kids are not properly educated about contraception and prevention of disease. Additionally, the woman/couple might view having sex as an easily practicable form of deviance; A way of getting back at parents, teachers, school and the rest of society for trying to exert undue influence over them....
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