TH Final Notes - Playwrights - Hrosvita of Gandershine...

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Playwrights - Hrosvita of Gandershine began writing plays around 1000, and is famously the first renowned female playwright, she took Seneca and thus her plays were awful. - Shakespeare and Marlowe were both born in 1564. - First theatre-only stage ever built in England was called the Red Lion, and the first theatre-only building was built by John Buayne and James Burbage (father of Richard) 1576-1598. - Lord Chamberlains men and Pembroke’s Men are earliest companies to perform shakespeare’s plays, and are significant in the 1580’s. - The failure of the Queen’s Men in 1594 (Shakespeare acted in Marlowe’s plays) led to the formation of the Admirals men and the Lord Chamberlain’s men. - The Admirals men were under the leadership of Philip Henslowe and starred Edward Alleyn, who created Faustus, Heuronymo, Tamudame, Edward II at the rose and fortune. - The Chamberlain’s men were managed by James Burbage, staring Richard Burbage. - The major English theaters were Swan, Fortune and Red Lion. - Shakespeare first folio (1623)- 36 plays but only 18 published. - Historical Facts - Remnants of the classical world slipped away from 300+ to 600+ until all knowledge of greek and latin had been lost, except in the church. - In the roman catholic church, pope Gregory the great preserved some classical texts even though monks were not fans. - The church soon became powerful and rich, as the only unifying source of power and
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TH Final Notes - Playwrights - Hrosvita of Gandershine...

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