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Unformatted text preview: I think that the writer did a great job persuading me on his topic; he explained how he is against physician- assisted suicide. I like the fact the he uses his own personal story to explain why he thinks that it is better to pass away on a persons own instead of acquiring help. He states that life may be the biggest addiction on earth this phrase could mean a great deal, to someone that only has so long to be here. He made many good points about why he believed the way he did about the subject. I thought there was enough information to help me understand and realize how important life is. Life isnt something that most take for granted and having the ability to be able to live it out until the end is important, I would not want anyone to help me die if I were to go, I would want to live every day with my friends and family that would put me at peace. Making the decision to have a physician help you pass, probably doesnt affect some people. People, who have no family or have no more ties to the world, may ask for aid when affect some people....
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