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The Fair Credit Report - I would have to say just following...

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What are some future consequences of borrowing too much debt? Some of the consequences are not being able to get a home or car, it will be hard to get another student loan if you try and go back to school. If you get too far they can also send a request to the IRS to take your taxes or your wages from employment. How do you plan on repaying your student loans? I am going to find a position that I can utilize the skills that I will receive while in school. If that does not work and no position is available, I will find another source like my income taxes or another position to apply for so that I am able to make my payment on time. What is one positive thing you can do to keep your student loans under control?
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Unformatted text preview: I would have to say just following through with payments and if not possible calling your lender to get some advice or help with making payments, you could also choose to differ your payments for up to six months. These are some positive ways to handle a student loan. I think that all of this information is very relevant, it is showing us how to manage our loans so that we do not end up in debt, it is also making us aware of the negative sides to a loan so that it doesn’t happen to us and we know what to look for. This is all important to know especially when dealing with student loans....
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