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Music has become more than just a form of entertainment over the years. It has become an art form for people to express themselves and has even spread into other forms of the media. Lately, music videos, dancing, and the Internet have all had an influence on the cultural aspect of music. Music can be a way for people to tell their own stories through song lyrics. They could convey a message or get some point across through the music they write. Music has definitely become more than just a form of entertainment, a part of our culture. Some songs give us a chance to find our own meanings or feelings toward a certain piece. Not only do we listen to music, but we can also express ourselves by creating and playing our own music through instruments. Artists have created ways to give visuals alongside their music and even tell stories through videos and music. Music videos have become a way to supplement an artist's music and
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Unformatted text preview: possibly tell a story. Some artists just show off dance movies or go for a flashy approach, where others try to tell a short story in the few minutes the song plays. Music has become much more than an entertainment experience. It is now a part of our culture. Whether through listening to music, writing about it, or playing it, we all have a way to use music in our lives. Music is all about expression and listening. Sure, it may serve as a source of entertainment, but it is so much more than that as well. Music is a universal language that all kinds of people can enjoy. No matter what region they come from or language they speak, you can always understand music. So although music may be great to listen to and a source of entertainment, it is so much more than that....
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