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To Drill or Not to Drill - 1 To Drill or Not to Drill To...

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1 To Drill or Not to Drill? To Drill or not to Drill? Nikki Few Hum/111 9/19/10 Kimberly Rhodes
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2 When Barack Obama was elected president in 2009 he stated that it was “time for a change” he was right, with the amounts of oil that have leaked into the Gulf coast, and the issues with having to depend on foreign oil, President Obama has started to go forward with his agenda to go green in the next few years. I believe that using clean coal and solar power will help the environment, and it seems like it could be rather cost effective. According to an article in Popular Science about solar power, it states that there are cheaper ways to provide solar power and, it only takes up a quarter of a square mile to use, avoiding land- use fights that have ensnared other solar companies. I think that using solar power and clean coal will end up being beneficial in the future, the way things are going with drilling oil, we should be looking for another way to use the technologies that we have, and improve them. Clean coal is another start to a
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