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PSYCH 103 Outline

PSYCH 103 Outline - Definitions Salient important prominent...

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Definitions: - Salient: important, prominent Lecture 1: Speciation Controversy: What is Theory?: science advances through a process of conjecture and refutation . Set of ideas/hypotheses that are falsifiable, can not be alternative to evolution Creationism and intelligent design is not falsifiable, they are alternatives to evolution. What is Evolution: any change in the genome of a population over generations Controversy in HOW it happens Many mechanisms underlie evolution. Natural Selection Charles Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace came to same conclusion (natural selection and origin of species) independently Darwin’s History (famous for Galapagos islands) – “Perpetuation of variety and species by natural means of selection” From rich family, hired as ship naturalist for HMS beagle Went to Galapagos Islands returned 1836. People never went before Found species similar to mainland animals, but were specific to vegetation and environment of islands. (5 year travel) 1859 published “Origin of Species.” Took awhile ‘cause the churches were political Wallace’s History – “Tendency of species to form varieties.” From poor family, sold specimen to museums Went to the Amazon, Malaysia, and Indonesia Have very biodiverse places Bali is super lush and tropical, but everything on the west of it is completely dry. 1890 “Natural Selection book was published” Published together Darwin & Wallace Both agreed on tenets of selection Variable traits Heritability of trait Differential reproductive success Natural Selection operation on traits that increase likelihood of individual survival
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Peter & Rosemary Grant capture birds yearly for 40 years and tag/measure them on Galapagos island. Late 70’s drought: 80% finches died G-Fortis died. It is a seed eater. Population declined with lack of seeds. Big birds survived. Strong enough to break into the bigger seeds. Rainfall went back to normal, and body size of bird go back to normal, but shift for bigger size since all the smaller ones died out. Sexual Selection This is the trait that defies natural selection. Sexually well, contrasts with how you survive. So basically: Natural selection = survival Sexual selection = Likelihood of reproducing Intrasexual selection: competition among the same sexes Bower birds: build intricate bowers, decorate to attract females Higher genetic quality = creative/intelligent better decorated Depends on the taste of the female ‘cause they don’t need males to help them raise the kids. Fluctuating asymmetries (FA) : asymmetries = lower quality genes = bad health = no sex suckaaaa Women better at seeing facial symmetry especially when they are ovulating .
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PSYCH 103 Outline - Definitions Salient important prominent...

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