Final Exam Review, Sec. 001-006

Final Exam Review, Sec. 001-006 - (p. 94-95, 266-272) know...

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Review for Final Exam Your exam is Thursday, December 11 at 9:00am in this room. You need bring only a pen or pencil—no books, no notes. To do well on the exam, you should… know how to determine if a formula: is well-formed (p. 229-233) contains unbound variables (p. 231-232) is a sentence (p. 23, 232) is atomic, a negation, a conjunction, a disjunction, a material conditional, a material biconditional, or a quantificational statement (universal or existential) know how to determine if a sentence is a tautology, a first-order validity, a general logical truth, or not a logical necessity
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Unformatted text preview: (p. 94-95, 266-272) know how to determine if a sentence is Tarskis World possible, truth table possible, logically possible, or logically impossible (p. 94-95, 101-103) know how to determine relationships of consequence and equivalence in FOL (p. 106-116, 266-279) know how to translate from FOL to English and vice versa know how to complete Fitch-style proofs (you will have a rule sheet for your use) know how to recognize, construct, and use Tarski-style worlds understand notions of validity and soundness (p. 41-44) STUDY OLD QUIZZES!...
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