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Unformatted text preview: E -> IE Stem-Changing Verbs Advertir to warn Ascender to go up Atravesar to cross Cerrar to close Comenzar to begin Descender to go down Despertarse to wake up Divertirse to have fun Empezar to begin Entender to understand Mentir to lie Pensar to think Perder to lose Preferir to prefer Quebrar to break Querer to want Recomendar to recommend Sentarse to sit down Sentirse to feel O -> UE Stem-Changing Verbs Acostarse to go to bed Almorzar to eat lunch Contar to count Costar to cost decir to say, tell Doler to hurt despedirse to say good­bye Dormir to sleep elegir to elect Encontrar to find Jugar* to play gemir to moan, groan Morir to die impedir to prevent Mostrar to show medir to measure Mover to move pedir to ask for reír to laugh Oler to smell repetir to repeat Poder to be able seguir to follow, continue Probar to try servir to serve Recordar to remember sonreírse to smile Soler to be used to vestirse to dress Soñar to dream Volar to fly Volver to return E -> I Stem-Changing Verbs ...
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