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exam1bboard study guide

exam1bboard study guide - Guide to Exams Your exams will be...

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Guide to Exams Your exams will be given during the entire class period on Tuesday, September 22. You only need to bring with you something to write with, preferably with blue or black ink or a pencil. You will have 50 minutes (12:30-1:20 pm) to answer questions from each of the following categories. Part 1: Identifications These will be drawn from the identification sheets for the pages in Noble which will be examined; for the Sept. 22nd exam, those will be all of the ones in Unit 1. You should be able to provide basic information for each ID in each of these five categories: who, what, when, where, and why. Think of this as a slightly larger and more thoughtful version of what I and your TAs write for the fill-in-the- blanks for the quizzes: 2-3 sentences instead of 1 sentence. For further and more specific guidelines about what each category includes, see the beginning of your study guides where it describes the requirements in detail. These study guides are available online and in your Reader. Worth approximately half of the points, the most important part of each id is the WHY, also known as the significance. Section discussions, lecture, and reading in both Noble and your Reader should guide you here. What WHY asks you to do is to synthesize your learning for this part of the course. Think of how the ID fits into the big themes I mention at the beginning of lecture or the authors mention at the beginning of a textbook section. Further guidelines are on the first study guide, but let me repeat one KEY part of writing identifications: DO NOT link their significance to events in the modern world . If you find yourself linking the significance to "the modern world," "our times," "the present," etc., you need to revise your answer by going over the reading and class notes again. There will be two categories of ids, and five ids in each category. You will need to write on three ids from each category. Each id will be worth five points, for a total of 30 points, so you should allow about 15-20 minutes to write all of them.
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