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CHAPTER 13 STUDY GUIDE Identifications and Vocabulary Moctezuma II Aztecs Bartolomé de Las Casas pax Mongolica Christopher Columbus Columbian Exchange Vasco da Gama encomienda Ferdinand Magellan trading-post empire Hernán Cortés Inca Prester John Silk road Prince Henry "the Navigator" Hernán Cortés Doña Marina Mappa mundi/portolan Juan Gines de Sepulveda Francisco Pizarro Treaty of Tordesillas Council of the Indies Marco Polo *************************** Learning Objectives 1. Assess technological and cultural preconditions to European exploration. 2. Compare and contrast the goals and achievements of Portuguese and Spanish explorers. 3. Describe colonial, political, and economic developments.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Discuss the effect of the Columbian exchange on the Old and New Worlds. 5. Analyze European attitudes toward New World peoples and culture. *************************** Study Topics 1. What motivated early modern Europeans to begin exploring and to keep exploring? What technological challenges had to be overcome before the explorations could take place, and how were these challenges overcome? 2. Compare and contrast the goals and practices of Spanish and Portuguese exploration and early colonization. 3. What changes did European expansion bring to the Old and New Worlds? 4. What did Europeans know about the wider world before the 1480s?...
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