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Lecture 1 - History - History/Perspectives...

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Unformatted text preview: History/Perspectives History/Perspectives of Psychology Psychology – The science of behavior and mental processes. mental I. History Wilhelm Wundt – 1st psychology lab Leipzig, Germany (1879) – Study of conscious exp. exp. William James – Principles of Psychology William Principles (1890) – Functionalist (1890) Sigmund Freud – Interpretation of Dreams Sigmund (1900) – Role of the unconscious. (1900) John B. Watson – Psy. should only study John observable behavior - Behaviorism (early 1900’s) 1900’s) B. F. Skinner – Behaviorist – We are B. controlled by our environment (1950’s) controlled Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow – Carl Humanism – Humans are unique, free, rational beings with potential for personal growth (1950’s) (1950’s) Hist cont. Hist cont. Rise of applied psychology (WWII) Modern perspectives: Evolutionary and Modern Positive Psychology Positive Historical Firsts Historical Firsts Margart Floy Washburn – 1st woman Ph.D. in psy. (1894) – Mary Calkins psy. Gilbert Jones (1901) & Inez Prosser (1933) – Gilbert 1st African American male & female Ph.Ds. in psy. II. Historical Issues II. Historical Issues 1. 2. 3. 4. Functionalism vs. Structuralism Stability vs. Change Rationality vs. Irrationality Nature vs. Nurture John Locke – “tabula rasa” Descartes – some ideas are innate Darwin – innate traits allow organisms Darwin to survive and reproduce to III. Applied Psychology Fields III. Applied Psychology Fields Clinical psychology – studies, assesses, and Clinical treats people with psy disorders. treats Psychiatry – A branch of medicine dealing Psychiatry with psy. disorders. with Educational Psychology – how people learn. Educational Achievement tests, classroom environment, education of mentally disabled. education Counseling Psychology – deals with nondeviant behavior and relationships: family, deviant marriage, career counseling. marriage, Industrial/Organizational Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Training and motivation of workers, job satisfaction, and good work relations. satisfaction, ...
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