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Thinking 7 - beginning I think of intuition as a partner...

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TAO GUO MHR 318 6-7:50PM(MW) CH7-Critical Thinking #3: Intuition sends us messages in different forms all the time, everyday. It was heartening to read the e-mails and discover that so many people believe that you should trust your intuition. Sometimes intuition can be that gut feeling that I just mentioned. When you know something, but just don’t have anything to substantiate what you know. For example, last week I did an online quiz at home. This quiz just gave me 20 minutes to finish 20 multiple-choice questions. In the last 30 seconds I still have two questions didn’t see. I have to look the questions and answers very quickly, and I guess the answer depended on my gut feeling. Fortunately, I guess right for the both questions. Intuition comes in many forms, just like I said at the
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Unformatted text preview: beginning. I think of intuition as a partner trying to help you and guide you along the way, so that no harm comes to you. Sometimes this partner will speak with a feeling; sometimes it will speak with words through another person; sometimes it will give you signals; sometimes it will simply try to stop you from doing; something that isn’t good for you. We have to understand how it is speaking to us and when it is speaking to us. The common element in all of the situations that I just mention is that in every case there was a question involved. If we want to find an answer to something and we will always get a response. We just have to understand the message....
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