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TAO GUO MHR 318 6-7:50PM(MW) CH8-Critical Thinking #5: A team is said to be cohesive if its members can work together and unite in achieving its goals and objectives. Team leader should create and maintain cohesiveness in a team. What keeps a team together may not be the same across all groups and organizations. However, team leaders will begin realizing better results in their team's cohesiveness. First of all, Identify and define the goals of the team and ensure that members focus on fulfilling them without looking at their interpersonal issues. A team that does not have clearly defined goals usually tends to stray away from work-related issues, into personal ones. When teams think about achieving the ultimate goal, they attach more importance to their work and hence remain more
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Unformatted text preview: united for that purpose. Secondly, encourage some form of competition amongst teams. If the team has outside competition, inform them that their success is important towards to the organization's strength in the competitive world. Thirdly, create avenues for interaction, such as office parties, handout on weekend or any other non-work related function that brings your team together. This will encourage them to mix and laugh and get to acquaint themselves with each other. When they return to work, they will see each other as friends and end up working as one team. By so doing, the rest of the team will always look up to them and thus promoting harmony and unity in the team. With a good cohesion, the team’s performance must be effective on the project....
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