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Thinking 11 - contacting you and/or the consumer – by...

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TAO GUO MHR 318 6-7:50PM(MW) CH11-Critical Thinking #8: This will depend on the facts of each individual case. But generally, we will first try to settle the dispute informally through mediation or conciliation. This can be quicker and more efficient than a formal investigation. Often just by taking a fresh look at the facts – and identifying and agreeing the key issues as we see them – we can come up with a solution that satisfies both sides. Our approach is ‘inquisitorial’ – which means we can ask questions to get to the real facts of the case, rather than focus just on the issues presented to us. At this stage, settling a dispute informally might involve us
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Unformatted text preview: contacting you and/or the consumer – by phone – to suggest a way forward or to clarify the facts and issues involved. If we are unable to resolve the matter over the phone – or if the nature of the case makes a written explanation more appropriate – we will confirm our position in writing. This will give the adjudicator’s opinion of the case and set out how, in the adjudicator’s view, the case should be resolved. In some of our more complex cases, the adjudicator may seek to resolve the dispute by issuing a formal adjudication, which is sent to both parties at the same time. You and the consumer will each be given the opportunity to respond....
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