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THINKING 14 - change particularly those with a strong...

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TAO GUO MHR 318 6-7:50PM(MW) CH14-Critical Thinking #2: Man spends major part of his life in the organizations within which he works. When people join an organisation, they bring with them the unique values and behaviours that they have been taught. Any organisation with firmly established organisational culture would be taught the values, beliefs and expected behaviours of that organisation. Just as society moulds human behaviour, an organisation also moulds human behaviour that is in tune with the prevalent set of norms and behaviour. Strong organizational cultures are in the end desirable for organizations to survive, however, in some ways organizational culture can be a detriment. ...Organizations, are my speciality in sociolgy and this question is written about in complete books. I can tell you that one of the issues your question raises is the fact that all organizations resist
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Unformatted text preview: change, particularly those with a strong culture. Change and adaption are essential to an organizations number one function and that is survival. Other issues pertain to notions such as organizational leadership nourishing and harvesting a culture, while some new leaders try to over throw the old and implement their own character/culture. Lastly, I would mention that the culture may in fact be rigid and not open to things that new recruits, hires, and employees may bring to the table. In a sense the culture can limit creativity, and ideas that may actually improve things, but as mentioned organizations resist change. Case in point, the military has an extremely strong culture and long history but it has been quite difficult for homosexuals and women to fit in because they are against the traditional values of the military culture....
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