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Thinking CH 3 - education at CPP The facilities are what...

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TAO GUO MHR 318 6-7:50PM(MW) CH3-Critical Thinking #3: I am very proud that I can study in Cal Poly Pomona. It is well renowned for its excellent engineering programs. Ranks as the NO.2 CSU for engineering, and ranks second in the nation for hotel and restaurant management. As we know, CPP’s engineering is better than UC Davis, UCSB, UCI, USCS, and UCR. Its architecture is also very famous. One out of every 5 licensed architects in CA graduated from this school as well as one out of every 14 engineers. However, its tuition fee is much cheaper than UC and many universities. Even though my major is Business, but I think it is still very good. I already have studied many useful knowledge in classes. It is my second term, and I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with my
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Unformatted text preview: education at CPP. The facilities are what you pay for, but the faculties have been only supportive, interesting and caring. Library is really not bad, there are so many computers for students to do the assignments or research the information. By the way, there are enough group rooms to support students to do their projects or meeting. When you are tired of studying, you can go to the next building to relax. Such as pool table, games, ping-pong, watch TV, and so on. I believe that my investment of time and energy has paid off. I have never learned as much or grown as much in such a short time and I feel confident that I will be able to get the job I want when I graduate....
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