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Luyu Song CIS 310 Netflix V.S. Hulu Section 1: Introductory Paragraph Why more and more companies invest much money and attention on valuing information systems? Nowadays, no matter what kinds of businesses, they have competition, have pressure and have no choices to develop. The valuing information system can help companies to do things faster, better, and smarter. The system is the sources of competitive, and it leads the market to develop in the future. If one company has a good and advanced value chain, the company will have the power in their fields and more abilities to produce good services and products. As the two most popular entertainment companies, Netflix and Hulu, their competitions and their valuing information systems are more meaningful to learn and analysis. Section 2: Industry and Competitors In recent years, the traditional ways to relax life have already changed in modern ways. Movies, music, television is changed by the new technology skills. Rapid changes in modern information technology is affecting the development of the American entertainment industry, the popularity of digital technology, not only means to get a comprehensive update of traditional film and television, and expand the market, but also expanded the business to profitability. The world is which an information spreads rapid world, and science and human of innovation are developed a lot. In the book of “ Entertainment Industrialised”, the author said that the concomitant changes in wages and leisure, created national markets and generated a sharp increase in the demand for entertainment (Silberstein-Loeb, Jonathan, 2010).
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People need a high quality Entertainments for enjoying life. The tradition and basic Entertainments have already not enough for humans’ requirement. Section 3: Value Chain of Netflix Netflix is the world's largest online movie rental provider, and its not only 6.7 million customers and more than 85,000 Department of DVD movie rental Services, but also to provide customers with more than 4,000 movies or TV series online viewing service. The company's success comes from providing large numbers the amount of DVD, and can allow customers to quickly and easily select videos, and free delivery. Netflix is very famous in America, and “ offers DVD rentals to more than 20 million subscribers for a monthly fee. Netflix ships some 2 million discs
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Luyu Song - Luyu Song CIS 310 Netflix V.S. Hulu Section 1:...

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