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Lecture 17+18 - Lecture 17+18 Chromatin Structure +...

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Lecture 17+18 Chromatin Structure + Chromatin Modification and Gene Regulation Heterochromatin Interphase: heterochromatin/euchromatin Heterochromatin : Condensed chromatin No or very little gene expression Dynamic can spread or retract Important function: Structure of centromere Structure of telomeres Gene silencing Protection for mobile elements Elements required for replication and stable inheritance of chromosomes 1. Origin of replication 2. Centromere 3. Two telomeres Assays can be used to identify origins or replications, centromere and telomere sequences. Origin of Replication
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-Transfect yeast leu - cells with circular plasmids containing LEU - Yeast can grow in medium lacking leucine only if LEU gene is present If only the plasmid is present there is selection -leu - is transformed to LEU + by LEU gene on plasmid -Yeast cells missing leucine cannot grow in a medium without leucine -Yeast cells contain ARSs that act as replication origins -Insertion of a plasmid with ARS allows it to
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Lecture 17+18 - Lecture 17+18 Chromatin Structure +...

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