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Case Study Pine Valley Furniture

Case Study Pine Valley Furniture - organization more...

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Case Study Pine Valley Furniture A. 1. How did Pine Valley Furniture go about developing its information systems? At first, they used a process orienting approach. 2. Why do you think the company chose this option? The company was just beginning to grow and they were just focusing on the areas that needed thee most help. 3. What other option were available? They could have opted for an enterprise-wide system first like SAP or Oracle. B. One option available to Pine Valley Furniture was an enterprise wide system. 1. What features does an enterprise-wide system such as SAP, provide? -Enterprise-wide systems are can provide most Human Resource Management roles such as payroll, benefits, and retirement in one system. 2. What ids the primary advantage of an enterprise-wide system? -The primary advantage of any enterprise-wide system is it provides access to data across an
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Unformatted text preview: organization more effectively and less expensively than custom-built software. C. 1. Pine Valley Furniture will be hiring two systems analysts next month. Your task is to develop a job advertisement for the position. Experienced Systems Analysts Pine Valley Furniture is seeking to hire experienced System Analysts to help support expanding information systems requirements. Responsible for the development, operating, and associated subsystems. Provide system-level support of multi-user operation systems, hardware and software tools, including instillation configuration, maintenance, and support of these systems. Company has great benefits. Please send Resume to [email protected]
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