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My Money Sense instructionsFinal_012211ONLINE - Making...

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Unformatted text preview: Making Sense of Your Financial Future Money Sense Assignment Understanding the financial aspects of attending college is a major component of successful college completion. This assignment has been created to help you manage your financial future before you run into financial road blocks. To get started you will need to read the informative Power Point created by the Financial Literacy department at DeVry University called Money Sense . This presentation will help you understand personal and educational financial concepts which will also provide you with information you will utilize in completing the assignment. Once you have read and understood the presentation, you will need to complete two documents to put your knowledge in action: 1) A Word document, My Goals , designed to help you identify your Career, Educational and Financial goals; and 2) An Excel workbook, My Money Sense , that has three spreadsheets outlining the costs of attendance, impact of financial aid, your regular expenses and the responsibilities of loan repayment. You will meet with your Student Finance Consultant (SFC) to obtain and understand the information necessary to complete this portion of the assignment. This assignment will provide you with valuable information about financing your education and empower you to stay on track to personal financial success; regardless of the payment plan option you are utilizing, financial aid, full cash, 3 rd party, or deferred tuition. Getting Started: I t is week 2 and it is now time to get started with your Financial Literacy assignment which will be due in Week 3. Follow the Getting Started steps to ensure you stay on track with the deliverables. Material descriptions: 1. My Money Sense presentation (PowerPoint Presentation) provides personal and educational money management information and tools. 2. My Goals activity (Word document) helps you identify career, educational and personal goals 3. My Money Sense (Excel Workbook), a. My Estimated Costs will help you d etermine your ESTIMATED educational costs b. My Budget will help you complete a budget for the time you are attending college c. My Dream Job will help you identify your potential earnings, how much money you will have to utilize towards your expenses and how to get started with your student loan repayment. Remember, you can also contact your Financial Literacy Consultant with any additional questions that you may have following your time with your Student Finance Consultant. The Financial Literacy Consultants are a resource and are ready to help you. Getting Started Steps: Below are the 6 steps necessary to successfully complete the Student Budget assignment: 1. Read and understand the Money Sense Power Point presentation in DocSharing 2. Complete the My Goals document found in DocSharing 3. Obtain the My Money Sense workbook in DocSharing and review its contents 4. Contact your Student Finance Consultant (SFC) in week 2 or 3 to review the...
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My Money Sense instructionsFinal_012211ONLINE - Making...

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