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Plan of Study This week you will begin a Plan of Study, which is a long-term schedule for the courses that you will need to complete your degree. Sound impossible? There's no need to worry. If you are an Online student, your Online Academic Advisor will help you. If you are a DeVry campus student, you will work with your local Student Success Coach to complete the assignment. You will have the next two weeks to complete the assignment. Your academic advisor or Student Success Coach can answer your questions about specific courses or transfer credits. Whether you are a DeVry Online student or a DeVry campus student, be sure to work with your academic advisor, rather than with your instructor. The advisors are the program experts. To get full credit for the assignment, you must choose the classes that you will be taking for the next six sessions . If you are a DeVry Online student (a student who is taking only Online classes and will not be taking any classes on a DeVry campus): Your first step is to view the
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