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My mother, My Role Model, My Biggest Influence A. Whenever anyone wants to get valid, reliable information, the almost immediate response is “Ask Mom…if anyone will know, it‘ll be her.” “This paradigm is based on the perspective that experienced parents serve as a primary source of information for their children.” (Gavish, Y., Shoham, A., & Ruvio, A. , 2010). References Koteff, E. (2002). From nuclear family to foodservice family, women provide strong, lasting role
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Unformatted text preview: models. Nation's Restaurant News, 36 (14), 23. Retrieved from Flouri, E., & Buchanan, A. (2002). The role of work-related skills and career role models in adolescent career maturity. The Career Development Quarterly, 51 (1), 36. Retrieved from
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