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Learning Plan This week you will prepare a plan and make a contract, to yourself, on how you plan to achieve the student success skills that you need. Based on your assessments, journal assignments, professor feedback, your experience, and self-knowledge, determine the four areas that you will work on over the next four weeks to improve your skills. List the four areas you will work on and describe each problem. Develop goals and plans to improve these four areas. Using the SMART goal format described in the week’s lecture, develop a SMART goal for each of these four areas. Make sure that the SMART goal contains specific behaviors that are observable and can be measured . Each SMART goal should have time limits associated with it. For example, you might say that each Saturday afternoon, from 2 PM – 4 PM, you will complete a specific activity. Alternatively, your SMART goal might contain a goal time, such
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Unformatted text preview: as, I will buy myself a daily planner by this Saturday at noon so I can write in all my assignments for the term before 2 PM. Once you’ve completed your 4 SMART goals, you should make a commitment to complete your implementation plan by completing the document with a statement of intent and your signature. Copy the 3 lines below to the bottom of your assignment. Although you won’t be able to sign the Learning Plan that you turn in to the dropbox, you can sign your copy and post it in a visible place in your home where you can refer to it often. I agree to fulfill my SMART goal activities by the times and dates indicated in the goals. ___________________________________________ __________________________ Signature Date...
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