ECO 108 Spring 2011 Syllabus

ECO 108 Spring 2011 Syllabus - ECO 108.01 - .10 An...

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ECO 108.01 - .10 An Introduction to Economic Analysis Spring 2011 This course is an introduction to microeconomics (the study of individual, firm, industry, and market behavior) and macroeconomics (the study of the determinants of national income, the rate of economic growth, employment, and inflation). Prerequisite: C or higher in MAT 122 or MAT 123 or AMS 151 or level 4 on the mathematics placement examination Instructor: Dr. William Dawes Instructor Office Hours: TBA TA Office Hours: TBA email Address: [email protected] Text: Text available at the University Bookstore when announced in lecture Other: A numeric keypad from eInstruction, a “clicker”, available at the University Bookstore. You will need to go into BlackBoard and register your keypad. Do not register your keypad at the eInstruction website; do it through the BlackBoard page for this course Your grade in this course is determined by the quality of your answers to the questions in the text, the quality of your group’s work in recitation, your participation in Lecture Activities, and on three or four tests. Here is how each of those is weighted in the calculation of your course grade: Tests: 75% (10% for Test #0 and 21.67% for Tests #1, #2, and #3 or 0% for Test #0 and 25% for Tests #1, #2, and #3) The test schedule is: February 22 Test #0 (in class) (see below) March 15 Test #1 (in class) April 12 Test #2 (in class) May 12 “Optional” (in class) (see below) May 19 Test #3 (during the final exam period: 11:15am – 1:45pm) Text Questions: 10% Recitation: 10% Lecture Activities: 5% (in both Lecture and Recitation) Test #0 will cover the material from the first several weeks of class. At the end of that test and before you hand it in, you must indicate whether you want the test to count as 10% of your course grade or 0% of your course grade. Test #1 will include the material from Test #0. It is possible that the test schedule will be modified. You MUST take Test #3 on May 19. The "Optional" on May 12 covers the material on Tests #1 and #2. If you take it and do better on it than on one of Test #1 or #2, I will replace the worst of your grades from those two tests with your grade on the Optional. If you do worse on the Optional than any of those tests, your grade on the Optional will not count. If you miss Test #1 or Test #2 for any reason, the Optional is the “makeup test”. This means that if
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ECO 108 Spring 2011 Syllabus - ECO 108.01 - .10 An...

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