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Bryan Jacobs MON 7-9 Physics 103M: Laboratory 8 Introduction The main objective of the laboratory 8 of the physics course 103m was to show how waves in a string could be represented as standing waves, and showing how their frequencies are effected by changes in mass(kg) and length(m). In this experiment we used a sonometer, it was a structure to allow us to tension the string according to a force, created by a weight hanging on the end of the string. To create the waves we simply plucked the string similar to guitar to create sound waves. For the analysis we used a sound sensor, which was read through the software Data Studio. With this software we were able to graph the standing waves created by the interference of the waves travelling back and forth on the string. We determined the amplitude and the frequency to compare them to the theoretical data calculated from the relation mass, length and string density. Equations: = = * ( ) F Vλ n2L SQRTτu Hz τ the tension on the string and u the linear density of the string, was was not given in the experiment. Tension( ) τ =mg in N = / μ τ 4m2^2 (kg/m) Graph 1 m2: = /( 1 2Lμ ) Hz Graph 2 m2: = * 12 τμ Hz The two variables in the experiment were the length of the string, controlled by the bridge and the tension controlled by the weight hanging on the end of the string. Hypothesis:
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b_lab_8 - BryanJacobs MON79...

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