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English 2112 Study Guide Test 1 Neoclassicism (1660-1780) and Romanticism (1780-1850) Neoclassic decorum, unities, couplet, didacticism, wit, common sense, versus Romantic organic form, cult of failure, lyric, expressiveness, imagination; comedy versus tragedy Wordsworth, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” – paradox of Romantic poet: in solitude, passive recollection of nature, can achieve a sense of vitality and connectedness with the living world “We are Seven” – a contest between a “realistic,” empirical vision (here, of death) and a higher, emotional and imaginative truth, the latter available to the less sophisticated, less “worldly” little girl, use of “persona” Tartuffe - secular emphasis despite topic of religious hypocrisy, scant psychology, traditional hierarchies challenged but asserted with resolution by King, verisimilitude sacrificed for various effects, ultimate skepticism toward ease of teaching Phaedra - addition by Racine of Oenone (a character with comic ethos) to deflect blame from Phaedra,
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