2112 study guide test 2 spring 2011

2112 study guide test 2 spring 2011 - English 2112 Study...

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English 2112 Study Guide Neoclassicism (1660-1780) and Romanticism (1780-1850) Neoclassic decorum, unities, couplet, didacticism, wit, common sense, versus Romantic organic form, cult of failure, lyric, expressiveness, imagination; comedy versus tragedy Tartuffe - secular emphasis, scant psychology, traditional hierarchies challenged but asserted with resolution by King, verisimilitude sacrificed for various effects, ultimate skepticism toward ease of teaching Phaedra - addition by Racine of Oenone (a character with comic ethos), complex psychologies and individual/historical histories affecting motivations, rigid moral code against which characters judge each other and themselves, parallel scenes of confession and revelation, relevance of Greek myth to contemporary psychology, passions destructive but resistless Essay on Man - vindication of God, WHATEVER IS IS RIGHT, implied dialogue between Poet speaking for God and human voice of self-hood, error in “Reasoning Pride,” paradoxes, the Great Chain of Being, Pope’s modernism in ecological and environmental awareness and speculation regarding life on other planets, defense of the passions (versus Racine), opposed to anthropocentric thinking Lines Written Upon Tintern Abbey - autobiographical emphasis though Dorothy is present, uses of Dorothy in the poem, “the mighty world of eye and ear, both what they half create and half perceive,” Nature as sentient and benevolent–a moral force, “the still sad music of humanity,” philosophical age superior to “thoughtless” youth Intimations of Immortality - Light, fading as one ages, has source in memories of pre-natal existence in Heaven; youth superior to age; “Custom”; consolation in return to Heaven at death and in “spots of time,” crisis lyric Kubla Khan - exotic, supernatural side of Romanticism; characteristic of cult of failure (a fragment) and interest in exceptional mental states (a drug dream); focus on the dangers and the alienating effects of poetic genius Dejection - caused by unhappy marriage, failing health, loss of genius; Aeolian lute; nature
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2112 study guide test 2 spring 2011 - English 2112 Study...

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