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Unformatted text preview: Roles & Responsibilities Roles Key Positions in Acquisition FAR Part 1 Statement of Guiding Principles for the Federal Acquisition System….. Statement of Guiding Principles for the Federal Acquisition System….. (a) The vision for the Federal Acquisition System is to deliver on a timely basis the best value product or service to the customer, while maintaining the public’s trust and fulfilling public policy objectives. Participants in the acquisition process should work together as a team and should be empowered to make decisions within their area of responsibility. (b) The Federal Acquisition System will ­­ • (1) Satisfy the customer in terms of cost, quality, and timeliness of the delivered product or service by, for example ­­ (i) Maximizing the use of commercial products and services; (ii) Using contractors who have a track record of successful past performance or who demonstrate a current superior ability to perform; and (iii) Promoting competition; • (2) Minimize administrative operating costs; • (3) Conduct business with integrity, fairness, and openness; and • (4) Fulfill public policy objectives. Cost & Price Analysis takes place throughout the Acquisition process. Acquisition Pre­Contract Award Cost Estimates for Budgeting Proposal Evaluation during Source Selection Outcome of their analysis: • • • Fair Reasonable Best Value Post­Contract Award DCMA Disbursement & Modification Reconciliations DCAA, AAA, & GAO Audits Outcome of their analysis: Reasonable Allocable Allowable Program Manager Program Has overall responsibility Warfighter perspective…. Lowest Bidder I’ll bet! Responsible for developing & implementing the acquisition strategy Acquisition’s Interface to the Warfighter! Integrated Product Teams Integrated Product Teams In support of the PM • Contracting Officer • Cost/Price Analyst • Logisticians • Test & Evaluation • Engineers • Resource Manager • Contractor • Legal • Small Business • Competition Advocate • Production/Manufacturing • Property Administrator • Quality Assurance Specialist • User/Customer • ACO • Others as required! Procuring Contracting Officer Procuring Contracting Officer Authority, duties, & responsibilities outlined in FAR 1.6 Matches the complexity of the requirement with the appropriate contracting method and obtains the best value for the government. As a Business Advisor we have to be aware of price, competition, market trends, socioeconomic goals, administrative costs… Various Roles/Types of Contracting Officers (KOs is the Army Term) • PCO – Procuring Contracting Officer • ACO – Administrative Contracting Officer • TCO – Terminating Contracting Officer Administrative Contracting Officer Officer Administrative Contracting Officers get their authority from the PCO who delegates functions Functions are found in FAR Part 42.302(70) Modifications, deobligation of funds, etc Usually works for DCMA CAO – Contract Administration Office Terminating Contracting Officer FAR 49.105 TCOs: • Direct the action required by the prime contractor • Examine the settlement proposal • Negotiate the settlement proposal • Settle any issues that cannot be agreed upon by the two parties Contracting Officer Authority Contracting Regulatory Authority 31 USC & FAR 1.6 Secretary of the Army Head of the Contracting Activity Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting Warranted Contracting Officers SF 1402 - Certificate of Appointment Contracting Officer’s Warrant Contracting Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Agency Provides advice and services to help construct effective solicitations, identify proposal risks, select the most capable contractors and write contracts After contract award, provides quality assurance and monitors contract performance Defense Contract Audit Agency Defense Performs contract audits for the Department of Defense Formed in 1965 (joint services) 7 major organizational components Headquarters, 5 regions and a field detachment Unauthorized Commitments Unauthorized Commitment: An agreement that is not binding on the government solely because it was made by someone who didn’t have authority to obligate the government. Ratification: The act of approving an unauthorized commitment, by someone who has the authority to do so. Ratification An unauthorized commitment can be ratified if: • Goods or services of value received. • KO has the authority to obligate the amount of the commitment, and could have obligated at the time of the unauthorized commitment. • The resulting contract would have been otherwise proper (legal, funds available). • Price is reasonable and fair Contract Award Contract When a Contracting Officer signs a contract, he/she is affirming that… • The contractor is technically capable of completing the contract • The contractor can obtain the adequate financial resources to perform the contract • The contractor has a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics FAR 9.103 & 9.104-1 COR/COTR COR/COTR DFARS 201.602­2 Nominated by the User/Requiring Activity Appointed by Contracting officer in writing Duties & limitations outlined in writing Should be familiar with the system the contractor is trying to produce Resource Manager/Comptroller Resource Certifies the availability of funds Certification means: • The Administrative reservation of funds for a particular purpose (fenced off) signed by a Certifying Official Earmarks or commits funding Ensures the funds are of proper type DFAS­DE­7000.5­R PURCHASE REQUEST AND COMMITMENT 1. PURCHASE INSTRUMENT NO. 2. REQUISITION NO. 3. DATE PAGE For use of this form, see AR 37-1; the proponent agency is OASA(FM). 4. TO: OF PAGES 5. THRU: 6. FROM: It is requested that the supplies and services enumerated below or on attached list be: 7. PURCHASED FOR The supplies and services listed below cannot be secured through normal supply channels or other Army supply sources in the immediate vicinity, and their procurement will not violate existing regulations pertaining to local purchases for stock, therefore, local procurement is necessary for the following reason: (Check appropriate box and complete item.) 12. LOCAL PURCHASES AUTHORIZED AS THE NORMAL MEANS OF SUPPLY FOR THE FOREGOING BY 13. REQUISITIONING DISCLOSES NONAVAILABILITY OF ITEMS AND LOCAL PURCHASE IS AUTHORIZED BY EMERGENCY SITUATION PRECLUDES USE OF REQUISITION CHANNELS FOR SECURING ITEM 14. ITEM 15. DESCRIPTION OF SUPPLY OR SERVICES 9. NOT LATER THAN (Date) 8. DELIVERED TO 16. QUANTITY 17. UNIT 18. 10. NAME OF PERSON TO CALL FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 11. TELEPHONE NUMBER FUND CERTIFICATION The supplies and services listed on this request are properly chargeable to the following allotments, the available balances of which are sufficient to cover the cost thereof, and funds have been committed. 19. ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION AND AMOUNT ESTIMATED UNIT PRICE TOTAL COST a b 1 20. TYPED NAME AND TITLE OF CERTIFIYING OFFICER 21. SIGNATURE 22. DATE 23. DISCOUNT TERMS 24. PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER 25. THE FOREGOING ITEMS ARE REQUIRED NOT LATER THAN AS INDICATED ABOVE FOR THE FOLLOWING PURPOSE 26. DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS ARE MORE THAN 7 DAYS REQUIRED TO INSPECT AND ACCEPT THE REQUESTED GOODS OR SERVICES? 27. TYPED NAME AND GRADE OF INITIATING OFFICER 28. SIGNATURE 29. DATE 32. SIGNATURE YES IF YES, NUMBER OF DAYS REQUIRED: 34. TYPED NAME AND GRADE 35. SIGNATURE OF APPROVING OFFICER OR DESIGNEE NO 36. DATE 33. DATE 30. TELEPHONE NUMBER 31. TYPED NAME AND GRADE OF SUPPLY OFFICER DA FORM 3953, MAR 91 EDITION OF AUG 76 IS OBSOLETE USAPPC V1.10 Legal Ensures documents are Legally Sufficient! •Provide legal assistance •Assist & advise the Selecting Official •Participate in discussions when necessary & recommend End End ...
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