Avenues in Leather, Inc. V. U.S.

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NAME: Avenues in Leather, Inc. V. U.S. CITATION: 423 F.3d 1326 Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, 2005 FACT: The Customs Service (Customs) classified Avenues in Leather’s (Avenues) Calcu-Folios under tariff Heading 4202 which carries a 20% rate. Avenues argued the Calcu-Folios should be classified under Heading 4820 which carries a tariff of about 3%. Avenues filed suit and the Court of International Trade agreed with the company. Customs appealed. APPELLANTS: Customs APPELLEE: Avenues in Leather, Inc. ISSUE: Was the Calcu-Folio properly classified as a briefcase or a binder?
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Unformatted text preview: HOLDING: Trial case was affirmed, Judgment for the Appellee Avenues in Leather, Inc. The Court of International Trade correctly classified the Calcu-Folios under Heading 4820. REASONING: While the Calcu-Folios may be used to organize and protect small and/or flat items in addition to a writing pad, they have an internal capacity of only 1 inch and lack significant carrying space. These characteristics make them unsuitable to carry newspapers, books, and other objects that are normally carried in containers that are common to Heading 4202....
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